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Entries of a more human nature. Just info about people and the things they do.

Written By: Gary on April 2, 2005 One Comment

So I finished reading Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s about how you perceive things in the first few second (blink of an eye). Correction, it’s really more about how accurate those perceptions are in the first few seconds. It also talks about the inaccuracies and what causes them (and how you can influence them). It’s very interesting if you like this kind of stuff (maybe even if you don’t).

He talks about how hard it was to sell a super-comfortable chair because it was ugly, the Pepsi Challenge and race and gender differences when buying a car. One of the examples he uses is speed dating (which is analyzed for pages) in how you can use those five minute dates to get a first impression and how you can use it to determine if you want another opportunity to meet them.

I’ve listened to the author (Malcolm Gladwell) before, he has participated in a few audio interviews at IT Conversations, these interviews can be downloaded as MP3s and put on your player or burned to a CD to listen to later. The first was on Human Nature (a few of these stories became chapters in Blink) and the other is specifically about the book Blink (which I haven’t listened to yet).

Written By: Gary on March 30, 2005 2 Comments

These are the three smartest words in the world, “I don’t know”.

I ask lots of questions. Many times it becomes more questions because instead of saying “I don’t know” people feel the need to give an answer, eventually I notice it doesn’t make sense so I ask more questions. It’s a viscous cycle, especially since I have to backtrack and figure out when the information went sour…

When someone says “I don’t know” it gives more credibility to the other things they said (it says I know what I know and what I don’t know). It seems silly that “I don’t know” can be a good thing but just think about the people who don’t know what they don’t know.

Written By: Gary on March 26, 2005 One Comment

So everyone is chatting about Schiavo whom they don’t know about just giving their two cents. I haven’t give my two cents but since you asked, I would say it’s time to let her go, no matter what end you measure it from it’s probably the best thing in the long run.

But that’s not why I’m here today. I’m here for something far more local and that I actually have a little bit of an opinion on because it happens in my neighborhood.

Not far down the street is a clinic where (I’m assuming) that they do abortions. Quite often there are protesters out there chanting/singing/praying (sometimes with signs with horrible photographs). This has got to be quite awful for someone who has made a decision to go in there and I don’t think they need those people torturing them as they are trying to complete their decision. If those old men and old women think they are going to be someone’s salvation by changing someone’s mind at the last second then they are crazier than they look. I just think they are being mean, it’s not like they haven’t made choices in their life that others don’t agree with. If they’re gonna “help” at least hand out flyers for an adoption agency (they’d probably get more people to change their mind that way anyway).

And yes I do understand that I’m skating around the definitions of choices and decisions and life, that’s because my topic here is Mind Your Own Business.

Written By: Gary on March 21, 2005 No Comment

Molly has some great rules for How to Live a Lousy Life. I know you’ll laugh when you read this (sad) list, but only because you are picturing someone you know with each rule you read.

I saw this at Amy’s (she’s actually got this printed out and on her refrigerator).

Written By: Gary on March 12, 2005 9 Comments

Harry Carswell passed away last week… I’ve restarted this a few times and I guess I don’t really know what to put here… I’ll start with a story: About three or four years ago I was visiting Harry in the hospital, I don’t remember exactly what he said the doctors told him, something like “six months to live” and I laughed and then he joined in so I felt a little better about it because I knew he knew why I laughed. We laughed because ten or fifteen years before that after some major heat surgery they had given him three to five years (or some other deadline he was way past). I’m sure a few other times (not even related to those issues) they had given him some other timelines and they all passed but then he’d have some other problems every so often. He knew it was time this time and moved back into his home last month because that’s where he wanted to be.

Harry F. CarswellHarry worked at Michigan State University with Student Services, the Homecomming Committee, Student Life and I’m not sure what else; it seemed like he knew everyone there. It’s funny, I never had any direct connection to him when I went there or (kinda) worked there. I met him through one of my best friends and he eventually married her (and her kids). They got married at the president’s house at the university (I told you he knew everyone) and remember videotaping the wedding. He was only forty-nine and in addition to squeezing a hospital visits into his time he sure managed to squeeze a lot of life into it too.

Written By: Gary on March 8, 2005 3 Comments
  • Smoking
  • Lying
  • Smelling (Feet, Breath, etc.)
  • Always late (just tell me a different time or call to say it’s going to be later)
  • Whining
  • Snoring
  • Lack of decision making skills (location for dinner or what to order should not take more than 10 minutes each)
  • Takes longer to get ready than the actual event itself
  • Not knowing how to say “I don’t know” (or “I’m sorry”)
  • Judgemental/Bigoted

    From Ten on Tuesday

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    Written By: Gary on December 22, 2004 One Comment

    AdamcurryMany of you know Adam Curry from Mtv, but these days he’s known as “the prince of pod” or “the podfather” or a few other (complimentary) things. He did a lot of pushing in a lot of ways to make podcasting what it is today. His almost daily show is The Daily Source Code, to appreciate it you really need to listen (at last count I think he said he’s got 50,000 listeners). He does it like a live show, if he screws up it’s there, it’s about 40 minutes an episode so put it on your mp3 player or burn a few episodes to CD and listen to it at your convenience. He’s hysterical. His show is about tech, podcasts, music and his life, check it out.

    His show consists promos for other shows, music for (mostly small) bands he likes, adjusting to life in England, reverb, drumlines, cowbell and the (neverending) saga for high speed internet in his new home. He’s been trying to get high speed access for a month now and it’s a quest, it’s actually made several papers that the ‘Gilford exchange is out of ports and how this has been brought to light by the Daily Source Code’.

    He really seems like a genuinely nice guy who’d be fun to hang out with. He’s like the guy you know who has all the tech toys and seems to have time to work with them all and has the ability (and time) to have fun doing it!

    For more podcasting artcles and info: CNN, Wired or Dave Pogue.

    Written By: Gary on November 25, 2004 One Comment

    I hope everyone has time today to think about the things we are all thankful for. Of course I’m thankful for my family, friends, health and all that stuff but there are so many extras that we take for granted.

    I’m thinking if you’re reading this over the holiday weekend there are some assumptions I can make about readers (bloogees?) and what they we may take for granted: a computer, Internet access (high speed?) and the skills to do all this. Assuming you have all that, it probably means you’ve got food, shelter, heat and necessities that others may not have.

    This (Internet stuff) is what some of us do for fun and if you’re like me you go into withdrawal if you don’t have access for a while, but it’s really a privilege and most of us don’t think of it that way any more. These days it seems like some of these things are necessities of life but we need to remember and be thankful for them…

    That’s it, I’m done with my sermon. Just be thankful for everything and don’t take too much for granted. Have a Happy Holiday and drive careful.

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    Written By: Gary on November 18, 2004 5 Comments

    This is list of how states voted. Listing their IQs from highest to lowest.

    LATER: It does turn out that this was a hoax (and I fell for it).

    Written By: Gary on November 17, 2004 No Comment

    How much ink is in a Sharpie permanent marker? Ask these folks!

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    Written By: Gary on November 17, 2004 No Comment

    So in less than two months Quinton asked Katie to marry him on November 15th. That’s just awesome! Congratulations!!!!

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    Written By: Gary on November 13, 2004 No Comment

    Why ask me if it’s for “here or to go” if it doesn’t affect how you are going to give it to me? I think they (BK) even asked me twice and still gave it to me to go…

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    Written By: Gary on November 7, 2004 2 Comments

    KheiglIsn’t it strange that on all the different shows that Katherine Heigl has been on that she has done at least three different rolls with several versions of the same (semi-unique?) name? That would be Roswell Grey’s Anatomy and Wuthering Heights she played Isabel and Isobel and Isabel. I just think that’s a little weird…

    I’ll mention the fourth Aizy (from Critical Assembly) because it’s a lot like several of the nicknames she had for Isabel (Izzie and Issa). You can see this all at her listing on the IMDB.

    She’s supposed to be on a new show Grey’s Anatomy and when I looked up to see when it started I saw her name so it made me start thinking. (FYI – It’s now slated for January 2005)

    Did you know she’s engaged to Jason Behr who played her brother on Roswell?

    Written By: Gary on November 5, 2004 One Comment

    So I was just looking at the latest issue of The Week (crummy web site, interesting magazine). It says Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (the city of brotherly love) has “the best tippers in the country” at an average of 19.2% so they just happen to have a bunch of generous people living there?

    Isn’t more likely they have a bunch of hard workers there?

    Written By: Gary on November 3, 2004 4 Comments

    So it looks like the election’s over. No final counts yet but it’s close 51%/48% (and I’m assuming it’ll be Bush) but either way I hope the winner doesn’t get too smug, it was pretty close. My point here is that really close to half of the country voted for the other guy. That means half of the people care about the other issues enough to go vote. I hope the that the winner keeps this in mind when making decisions — that many people aren’t thrilled with their way of doing things…

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    Written By: Gary on October 26, 2004 2 Comments

    So I added a new feature to my site! It’s on the right and it’s labeled Recent Commentors. I’ll need to add a link to expand on it or something but for now you just get credit (and a link back) for commenting.

    So is it CommentErs or CommentOrs? Both fail the spell-check but the “E” version passes if it’s singular.

    PS – I always think it’s funny when my web log editor always marks blogger or weblog (and some other varients) as incorrectly spelled!

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    Written By: Gary on October 24, 2004 One Comment

    What is a web log (‘blog)? Ten years ago it was “What is a web site?”

    A web log is a blog (also a ‘blog) it’s an on-line journal, a diary, a captian’s log. The next question is then “Why?” followed by a response of “Why Not? and the conversation goes downhill from there.

    It gets grouped in with The Matrix and TiVo:

  • No one can be told what The Matrix is.
  • No one can be told what TiVo is.
  • No one can be told what blogging is.

    I’m not kidding, it took me the longest time to ”get it“ although part of my issue was I can do most of this already (the long way) so it wasn’t clicking. But once you get it….

    It’s so many things at once and it’s a little different than what people are used to; or it’s what they are used to and they just can’t see it. I’ve talked about some of this (all of this?) before but I’m here today since I’ve found a few good articles and wanted to mention them:

  • The Fundamental Elements of Weblogging.
  • When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs…
  • Weblogs: a history and perspective (circa 2000)
  • Formation of Norms in a Blog Community

    A few more things. Depending on the ‘blog:

  • Readers can post comments
  • Other bloggers (who are readers) can easily link back to one of your entries.
  • Some ‘blogs can have multiple authors (although I’d say most have just one).
  • Topics can be sorted by category
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    Written By: Gary on October 24, 2004 One Comment

    Who likes people in their business? No one. So why are we messing with this on the ballot? (There is no good answer to this, I’m not really looking for a reply.)

    I thinking I’ve finally resigned myself to this being on the ballot and I’m getting excited about it. It’s opening up all sorts of future possibilities for votes that also impede on people’s civil rights:

  • Stupid people are not allowed to have children.
  • You need a permit to use the drive-thru (to prove you’re able to eat while you drive).
  • A $200 fine for turning / lane changes with out your blinker on for at least three seconds before executing.
  • No charge cards / credit unless you can prove that you actually have the ability to pay them off someday.
  • A fine for every time someone makes up an answer instead of saying “I don’t know”.
  • You must vote (or at least show up to click “abstain”) in every election (elections will be voided with less then 80% participation).

    I think many people would agree with me that having these (imaginary) proposals passed would make for a far better nation. They are actually going to affect the nation (unlike some laws) and make things better.

    Eventually I think this will pave the way to banning stupidity completely (who’s going to show up to vote against it?).

    Okay so maybe the blinker thing is just a pet peeve of mine, but I think it would make for better driving safety. Hmm… I have two on there about driving safety don’t I… I didn’t even mention driving with cell phones…

  • Written By: Gary on October 24, 2004 One Comment

    This is a the tag line on Carly’s blog:

    What feelings I have for you I cannot say, I have not met you yet, But I am waiting With baited breath And pounding heart, To take your hands in mine And know you.

    I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this blog, but somehow it seems to have more meaning / feeling that I realized she’s a seventeen year-old. You can read her writings at Paradise Will Wait.

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    Written By: Gary on October 18, 2004 One Comment

    So I got to see the Reverend Heather Voss do a full service last night. Very cool. She’s a pro and act like she’s done it for years. Afterwards we had all the students over at her place for dinner, many ate and run, and some hung around for a little bit and some hung around longer and we played Euchre and chatted. It was really fun, I was a little more sedate than usual, but that was their time not mine.

    I sure miss college. I loved being a student. I really miss those 15 week (or 10 week) deadlines when the semester over and it was behind you. Yes I may have failed the class, but at least it was over I had a week off and I could start again. No one ever brought up that project from eighteen months ago (or even six months) ’cause that part was over and we’ve transitioned to the next…

    Written By: Gary on October 16, 2004 No Comment

    Jeff points out (actually someone else did, but Jeff summarized it better and made it a more useable link, and added more info). How much straight people point out that they are (straight) in a two minute conversation.

    He also points out when people get married they get 1,049 legal rights that they didn’t have before…

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    Written By: Gary on October 9, 2004 2 Comments

    So stumbling around the ‘net Misty was talking about what kind of girl she was (and so were a few other sites) and as a result I found info on a book for guys on cooking for more effective dating (called Cooking to Hook Up), what really caught my eye (and maybe that was the point) was the different archetypes that they break the women up into. I didn’t just get this from reviews, I found their site (and they is/are a divorced couple who still seem to get along. For a short quiz as part of marketing for a cookbook this has grown into a pretty busy meme.

    Cooking to Hook Up: The Bachelor's Date-Night Cookbook (Cookbooks) Drew Campbell, Ann Marie Michaels

    I compiled the information on some of the ones I’ve dated most often below (well, these are the ones I found the funniest). They’ve got information on each of the types and artist’s renditions (below). You may want to view the individual entry to see the table better.

    From Cooking To Hook Up – The Bachelor’s Date-Night Cookbook

    an ACADEMIC GIRL who can kick your ass in Scrabble…
    in Latin
    a GRANOLA GIRL who has solar panels on her roof and
    Birkenstocks on her feet?
    an INDIE GIRL who collects Japanese candy wrappers
    and lawn gnomes?
    a PROGRESSIVE GIRL who wants an SUV, but feels
    bad about it?
    She drives: a Volvo, a Saab, or a Toyota. a VW bus, a bicycle, or an electric car, or uses
    public transportation.
    a classic car, a VW beetle, a Mini Cooper, or a Vespa scooter. a small SUV but really wishes it got better mileage;
    once she can get a good hybrid, she will.
    She can talk for more than ten minutes
    her thesis. hemp. obscure pop culture. just about anything.
    She begins her sentences with: “Noam Chomsky says …” “Ralph Nader says …” “It’s like that Simpsons episode . . .” “Susan Sarandon says…”
    She’d never: read Cosmo. vote Republican. drive a mini-van. pass up the chance for a new experience.
    She owns any of the following: an Oxford English Dictionary, any book written in a
    “dead” language (Greek, Latin, Aramaic, etc.), a lifetime
    membership to Mensa.
    a smudge stick, a tongue scraper, a compost bin, Dr.
    Bronner’s soap (bulk size).
    TiVo, a mini-DV camera, an iPod, a pottery wheel, a serger, or a lava lamp. a water filter, a tabletop fountain, an acre of rain
    forest, a mutt from the pound.
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    Written By: Gary on October 5, 2004 2 Comments

     Images PrplribcrpOctober is Domestic Violence month. They say one in three of us are affected some way by it. It’s why you’re seeing the purple ribbons this month. October is kind of an everything month (there are only 12 months to share) and breast cancer seems to get a lot of the attention and sometimes DV gets overlooked. (Related news.)

    FirststepFirst Step is a local shelter in Wayne County. Over 14,000 crisis calls, 7,000 nights of shelter and 20,000 hours of counseling are provided almost every year. I volunteer for them, I’m on call a few times a month and get called to hospitals (police stations, etc.) and talk to people and their families after they’ve been assaulted, I also do stuff with the kids (but not much lately) such as day care, field trips, etc…

    Shelters are always looking for donations, please don’t just think of them around the holidays, they need donations all year round. They always need volunteers to help.

    Written By: Gary on September 28, 2004 One Comment
    1. How many people have you dated that were not naturalised citizens of your country?
    I can only think of three. But I didn’t ask for papers…
    2. Have you ever dated someone that was not of your race? How did that work out?
    No problems due to that (just the usual problems).

    3. How many different countries have you visited?
    Five (Costa Rica, England, Prague, Austria, Canada)
    4. If you could go to a specific country of your choice … no expenses spared … where would go visit, and why?
    I hear good things about Australia but maybe something more exotic like Antarctica.
    5. What is your favourite international flavour?
    Chinese/Thai and Italian.
    6. I love French and Indian movies. What other countries’ movies do you enjoy?
    If they aren’t in english, how am I supposed to know?
    7. How many other languages do you speak besides your native language?
    None and I wish I was better at the current one :)
    8. Do you have international friends, and what countries do they come from?
    Not really.
    Written By: Gary on September 24, 2004 No Comment

    hurricane_jeanne I think of all the silly things I’ve whined about this week. And the many more (even sillier) things I’ve heard others whine about. Most of us just don’t have anything to complain about. I cannot even tell you ho many evacuations I’ve heard about down there these last few months.

    Actually no matter how bad someone else has it, I feel you shouldn’t neglect what it is you need to complain about it, you’ve still got problems too. Unless you’re just an incessant whiner and if so (hurricane or not) please shut up stop it.

    Written By: Gary on September 21, 2004 One Comment

    Big article last week in the Free Press on Michigan Bloggers. This was the surprise that Melissa spoke of a few weeks ago.

    Personally I read two of those every day, comment occasionally. Have read a few of the others. And now plan to read more regularly…. I mean they are the top 6 in the state….

  • The Snowsuit Effort Ryan Keberly, Royal Oak
  • Anything But Ordinary Melissa Schott, Dearborn
  • Dean’s World Dean Esmay, Westland
  • Notes From the Cave Frank McPherson, West Bloomfield
  • Ypsi Dixit* Laura Siebrig Boessenkool Bien, Ypsilanti
  • Locking Thru to the Bahamas Larry and Sharon Duhaime, Harrison Township

    * They posted the incorrect address for Ypsi Dixit. It’s http://ypsidixit.diaryland.com, the WWW (which depreciated) doesn’t word at diaryland.
    FYI – Always test your web addresses (and phone numbers) before sending to friends (or a million newspaper readers). Especially test after letting someone edit them…

    FYI 2– It’s generally better to remove index/default.asp,html,htm, stm, php at the end of the web address (fter testing it!), and here’s why, if they change servers or software (or whatever) they may have to change, but without the extra text they generally/almost always work.

  • Written By: Gary on September 18, 2004 One Comment

    I was nervous asking the question (any question), but it was the only way to find out. “Do you still have the that deluxe chicken sandwich,” I asked the BK lady. She named it without hesitation and said they had it, so my earlier fears were gone and my guard was down. So I said I’ll have that here in a meal (which they always try to force on you anyways) with no mayonnaise and onion rings instead of fries. So we did a few rounds of you wanted a large soda, right?, no, the regular meal, you said to go?, no it’s for here. And I reverify with “regular size, onion rings and no mayo”.

    bk“That’ll be $10.79, is that to go?” It’s for here but that seems a little expensive, (blank stare), “that seems a little expensive for the meal.” Oh! She pulls out the receipt and explains to me she void it later and have to re-ring it. I think she wanted me to agree to this because there was a big pause before she actually did this. We did our little dance, but shorter this time. After she prints the receipt (which they don’t give you so you can double-check your order) I say “no mayo”, and get back “huh?”, “no mayonnaise on that” I repeat, which she says sure and yells it back (since she didn’t get it on the third try).

    So I get my soda/napkins/straw and some other people get in line, so I go wash my hands, they’re still ordering (two ladies for themselves and two kids who are sitting down). So I stand there and wait, I can see the receipt (no mention of mayo) and it says “fries” so as she takes a break from their order (yes, they are still trying to order) she grabs my tray and sandwich and I say three times, “don’t forget I want onion rings” (I’m getting no acknowledgment, which is why I’m repeating). As she hands me my tray (with fries) I say “I wanted onion rings”. “But I rang up fries” she says, and she says this a few more times as I very politely keep repeating I want (and also that I ordered onion rings). When what I really want to say is, “what did you put down on my first two meal orders…?” She was really hung up on this, I’m not sure why, she knows darn well I ordered the rings, but she’s really concerned that she might get fired (or something) for giving me what I ordered. (That’s the least of the reasons they are going to fire her.)

    PS – My sandwich was delicious!!! :)

    FYI – They actually still have the nerve to own Have It Your Way dot com.

    Did I mention that there is road construction out front? I’m the only person in line. No one waiting and very very few cars in the drive thru. The slowest day I’ve ever seen there, i.e. no distractions or chaos…

    And (generally hyper) me? I’m totally relaxed and in no hurry (fortunately), I didn’t even drive up there since it was a nice sunny afternoon.

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    Written By: Gary on September 12, 2004 2 Comments

    PlanetDan collected a bunch of senior photos (altered to protect the innocent) and put them together.

    Especially interesting to me who I think only printed one (yes, I said only one) of my (limited) senior photos…

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    Written By: Gary on September 8, 2004 3 Comments

    So my friends know so much about the people whose blogs I read, I’m sure they sometimes forget these aren’t people that I run into daily (ever).

    These aren’t the only ones I read, they’re just they ones I think my friends have enough info about to recall who they are when I bring them up.

  • Sarah – Srah in Texas AA.
  • Melissa – Detroit area, extra funny and whom I (and others) was afraid might give up blogging.
  • Dean – Also local and who I mention every time I pass the Kitty Chop Suey sign (and it was really a post by his better half!).
  • Alfie – From AA who sent me a BurnIt and is coincidentally the sister of Sarah
  • Lisa – With the Audrey Hepburn photo on the blog (who coincidentally also sent me a BurnIt CD)
  • Sarah – Sassypants, a Texas ex-blogger (where it seems like most female bloggers are from)

    These folks are WAY more than this little definitions that I have here, but these are the key phrases that make my friends realize who I mean…

  • Written By: Gary on September 4, 2004 No Comment

    If you spend half of your time complaining aren’t you just wasting half of your life (and the time of those you are complaining to)? I’m assuming the other half of your life isn’t so great either (if you’re complaining so much). Wouldn’t time be better spent doing some things to fix the other half? Or ignoring it? At least go get a ‘blog! :)

    FYI – I’m not talking about the people who have had disaster upon disaster happen to them, mugged, been in the hospital and been to more funerals in the last year than all other years combined. I’m talking about your “average life” over-the-top complainers.

    Written By: Gary on September 3, 2004 No Comment

    And people complain like that have real problems (I only got a three day weekend, it’s too humid, etc.). spec_trop6_277x187 I thank God that those are the only things we have to complain about. I hope things go well for families that have to go through such disasters as hurricane Francis.

    Written By: Gary on August 24, 2004 No Comment

    Anyone planning on going to see Liz Phair and Co. on Friday the 27th in the Detroit area? We’re doing Happy Hour at my place (Dearborn) and then we’re heading on over to the concert in Royal Oak. If you want to stop by beforehand (or meet up when you get there) let me know.

    Chicks with Attitude Tour
    Chicks with Attitude Tour 08/27/04 Royal Oak Music Theatre

    Written By: Gary on August 17, 2004 3 Comments

    This started as a comment/reply to Heather’s post but it gained a life of it’s own. She’s reading a book in which part of the story-line is cops killing repeat felons

    …there are a lot of people who would support vigilante cops who took out repeat felons. They are not innocent – and hurt innocent people. But it is returning violence with violence. What do you think of this?

    Before I go on – for those of you who don’t know me, I pretty much lean towards the pacifist end of the scale. I volunteer for a SA/DV shelter so I see things from repeat offenders and how the courts don’t work some times so I see the appeal of the possibilities.

    I think our legal system has enough loopholes many people are not afraid to kill because they think they can get away with it. Fear of being caught by the executioners might discourage some.

    Can someone kill them and forgive them? (I’m serious) If the killing is to stop them from killing/hurting again, can they be forgiven for their past transgressions and still killed to be stopped from harming more innocents?

    Did you ever see the Star Chamber (Michael Douglas)?

    I just finished The Trigger, they figure out a way to remote detonate gunpowder allowing safety shields. It’s very interesting on how it deals with crime (and the NRA). IT brings up lots of interesting thoughts…

    Next two: Not vigilantism, but justice with no courts.
    OLD Start Trek: TNG episode. There’s only a few police on the planet, they randomly patrol different areas on the planet. ALL/ANY crimes are punishable by death (they carry the syringes with them). You obey the laws since you don’t know where police will be. Very peaceful planet (if only that damn Wesley hadn’t walked on the grass), everyone knew the rules, they understood the punishment and everyone was good. Interesting concept. I suppose it helps genetically breed out those predisposed to crime/rule breaking. Pretty much you had to be caught to be punished (no courts)

    The Hybrid Chronicles (Robert Sawyer) – if guilty of a crime of violence you were sterilized and so were any of your offspring to breed out the undesirable trait (maybe parents/siblings too?), I can’t remember about grandchildren. Very interesting concept. No courts, everyone wore implanted recording PDAs so there was a record to review.

    FYI – Heather’s book was Silent Prey by John Sandford (part of the Prey series).

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