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Movies that I want to see, have seen or should not have seen!

Written By: Gary on November 16, 2005 2 Comments

So while watching NBC’s Medium this week, the couple go see a preview of the Memoirs of a Geisha movie. They show a full page ad in the newspaper and a big color poster at the theater and mention the name more than a few times. So when they go to commercial, guess what movie I see an advertisement for?

Written By: Gary on November 15, 2005 One Comment

TiVo is giving away a free movie called Red Trousers. It’s only for Series 2 DVRs with broadband (but not the DirectTivo). This is just to test the new “TiVo Video Download” service. Here’s the thing, it’s downloading the movie via your high speed internet! It’ll be interesting to see.

I’ve always thought there would be a market for showing the first 15 minutes of a movie (or even 30 minutes). Let me pick some movies I’m interested in from a list, it downloads the first fifteen minutes, in exchange I answer a few (5-8) multiple choice questions for them. (If you don’t answer all the questions, you can’t delete it, which means you can’t download another).

They’re calling it an advanced screening, but it’s out on DVD (click the image), I think it’s more of an advanced preview of the new system.

In this dazzling combination of documentary and short film directed by and starring Robin Shou, star of MORTAL KOMBAT, and which Los Angeles City Beat called “a must-see for Hong Kong action fans” and the LA Times called “pure delight,” the death-defying feats performed by the world’s greatest stuntmen (nicknamed “red trousers” for the pants they wear during their training at Chinese opera schools) are profiled through interviews and clips that showcase their work. Intercutting with the documentary footage is the short film LOST TIME, a futuristic martial arts adventure in the style of Alex Proyas’ DARK CITY, where one can appreciate the stuntmen’s extraordinary achievement in their final cinematic form.

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Written By: Gary on November 13, 2005 One Comment

I had read the book a while back and enjoyed it, I remember it being odd, but I did enjoy it (it seems to me some of the sex stuff was a little odd, but I don’t recall why).

So (and I bet you saw this coming) I saw the movie Shopgirl last night. It seems to be playing at a limited number of theaters. It’s more of an “arts theater” movie than mainstream. I don’t remember how much they used from the book but it was still enjoyable. So it’s really got an array of odd characters.

  • Mirabelle (Claire Danes), the meek/quiet beautiful woman who’s single and pretty much a cat lady waiting to happen.
  • Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), the eccentric slacker guy she meets at the laundromat and has a disastrous date or two with.
  • Ray (Steve Martin), the older wealthy gentleman who asks Mirabelle out. He wants her but not commitment.

    We’ve got some dry(?) humor, the characters say and do insane things. You know these people, you’ve seen them do and say the stupid things that happen in this movie.

    I can’t say it was a great movie. I can say I really liked it. The individual scenes were really good but the cuts seemed a little choppy. I had to think on a few if they decided to run some in a different order. And it needed a few explanations, like why Ray picked her and some other things that might not matter in the end but they still made me wonder…

    I noticed some characteristics in Mirabelle and Ray that I see in myself, but since some are good but some are not so good, we’ll skip over the particulars. But I could identify with them both and that’s probably why I really enjoyed it.

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    Written By: Gary on November 9, 2005 4 Comments

    Don’t let the number ordering on the books fool you, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is the first one in the Chronicles of Narnia series. They renumbered them a few years ago and made a book written later,The Magician’s Nephew, be the first one because it chronologically took place first. I still think they need to be read in the original order. If you haven’t read the series be sure to read it, I’ve mentioned Narnia many times before.

    I think they should be read in the original order for the same reason I think Star Wars should be watched 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 – Who cares about the decline of Anakin Skywalker if you don’t know who he’s going to grow up to be? The story of R2 and 3PO isn’t important if you don’t know what they will do someday if you haven’t seen A New Hope (#4), they’re just some silly robots. Episodes 1-3 are the sequel to the story they just take place chronlogically first. Who cares about the story of the lamp post in Narnia if you’ve never had time to wonder about it? Obviously the movie folks feel the same way since they choose to start with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

    The movie for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe looks incredible! The effects look great, I get chills every time I see the preview. I hope it lives up to my expectations…

    Written By: Gary on October 16, 2005 6 Comments

    Vcr tivo tombstoneSo everyone everywhere has been saying the VCR is dead. TiVo sent out an e-mail last week, I’m sure you got it (you do have TiVo don’t you?). It said:

    Did you know…?
    • Many manufacturers have halted production on VCRs forever!
    • 2006 will be the last year for VHS movie releases.

    But here’s the thing, so many people still have VHS tapes, they won’t be going anywhere soon. Who has ditched their cassette players if you still have cassettes? CDs were clearly better and more convenient. But the problem was that you couldn’t record CD (way back when, we could only play CDS, not record) and it’s still pretty hard for many people to make mix CDs. And most people can’t record anything to CD for something casual (off the radio, a recital, etc). The same goes for DVDs.

    So they did a mock funeral in New York and if you brought a VHS tape you could trade it for a TiVo (as long as sign up for at least a year’s worth of service).

    There are a lot of CD and DVD recorders but they’re just not that for the normal consumer yet. Actually, it might be easier for most people to make DVDs of home videos than CDs of home audio. The software is out there for that and it’s semi-easy to use, the TiVo recorders (and I’m sure the competitors) will do that quite easily.

    Once TiVo and the other DVR companies get out there with more DVD recorders I think it’ll really end it. People will still have those old 8 track tapes, I mean VHS tapes, and need to play them but I can see them not making any more.

    95% of my VHS recording was generally TV shows that I taped over later or lent to friends who missed the show. Now I can just save a copy to DVD for me or them but it’s slightly pricier and I generally don’t get the DVD back or I can save a copy to watch at friends or on my laptop. I’ve been renting movies on DVD for years so that’s not an issue. I’m not even sure what the other 5% was: Duplicating home movies/parties/weddings? Taping friends/me/family on TV? Both of those were pretty rare.

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    Written By: Gary on October 14, 2005 4 Comments

    What are your Top 5, all time favorite movies?

  • Flight of the Navigator: An unknown Disney movie. But one of the best.
  • The American President: Aaron Sorkin before Sport’s Night and before The West Wing.
  • The Cutting Edge: D.B. Sweeney as a hockey player who gets an injury. While it stops him from playing hockey, it doesn’t stop him from skating.
  • Ever After – A Cinderella Story: Drew Barrymore as a Cinderella-ish “character”
  • A Christmas Story: Be careful, or you’ll shoot your eye out!!!

    From Top 5 Friday

  • Written By: Gary on October 13, 2005 One Comment

    Speaking of movie previews. This is (possibly) one from the new Superman Returns movie (June 30, 2006). The artwork for the poster looks very ALex Ross-ish to me. This movie preview may be a fan creation but it does appear to be footage from some sample featurettes that have been shown hare and there (here’s a little more background). Since the music appears to be from the 1970s Superman movies, it made me think it might be a fan creation, but lots of movies use different music for the previews (especially a year in advance).

    Things I noticed: he looks a bit like Christopher Reeves. A few scenes have a very feel from the old ’70s movies. Especially on Lois’s rooftop. Rumor has it Lois is dating Lex and has a baby, my guess is the last few seconds of the movie show the baby has some abilities of Clark’s…

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    Written By: Gary on October 12, 2005 One Comment

    Mirror Mask PosterSo I’ve seen the preview trailer for Neil Gaiman’s Mirror Mask a few times now. It’s very surreal and if you have any idea who Dave McKean is you’ll look at the imagery and immediately think “Hey! That’s what it would look like if Dave McKean did the effects for a Neil Gaiman movie!”

    What Neil writes is generally a bit surreal and with Dave McKean doing the effects I’m sure it’ll be amazing, I’m just not sure how it’ll appeal to the general public. I don’t think this is based on anything Neil Gaiman has previously written. He’s done a variety of books and a short stories and graphic novel/comic books. I just finished his latest book, Anansi Boys yesterday, I’ll talk about that sometime…

    I thought it was supposed to open September 30th, but I haven’t seen any sign of it, I guess I should check back at the MirrorMask Web Site. Okay, I’m back and it is out, very limited release and it’s at the “arts” theatre in Royal Oak! And I just called and they’re playing it through next week so I know I’m going sometime this weekend

    Written By: Gary on October 8, 2005 No Comment

    So Serenity came out last week, it’s a sequel to a TV show called Firefly that Fox canceled (The big complaint from the fans is they ran the episodes out of order and actually aired the pilot last). Serenity is the name of the ship (Firefly is the make/model of the ship). So on-line cartoonists have been doing some cartoons:

  • This is an older one but it shows a bit of the fan mentality. Many of the fans love the theme song. The artist is a big fan, he even did desktop images.
  • Joy of tech did one for the opening.
  • This Joy of Tech followup is for the extra geeky

    FOLLOW UP: Turns out the “Nice Guy” guys managed to score a few tickets to the premiere and the VIP party after. See the Oct. 1 entry and the few before that.

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    Written By: Gary on September 25, 2005 No Comment

    So I saw Flight Plan yesterday. I enjoyed it, I definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed the flight. Think Die Hard / Passenger 57 with Jodie Foster as the ultra smart airplane engineer (who has to consider the ideafact that she might be a little crazy) but there is no visible enemy. How do you fight back?

    Flightplan (Widescreen Edition) Robert Schwentke, Karen Inwood SomersSo you’re on a plane and have a hysterical mother who’s missing her child during a flight. What do you do? Even if you don’t believe her, what do you do? Lots of screaming and calming down. The movie made a lot of people look suspicious though, it made it hard to pay attention at first.

    Very cool plane, a LCD TV in every seat, it was bugging me that I couldn’t figure out how the trays came out (but yet didn’t still block the screen). The soundtrack was very mellow, I expected different from James Horner for this type of movie, please note I didn’t say bad or disappointing, I just thought it’d be a little more ala Brainstorm.

    I enjoyed it, it was pretty much what I expected. A few (maybe more than a few) loopholes but it’s a movie and I can can live with that. Most of the reviews I’ve read didn’t seem to like it, but as I said, I enjoyed it.

    I’ve always enjoyed Jodie Foster, the earliest memories of her are Paper Moon (TV series) Tom Sawyer and Foxes. The last one, Foxes, always crosses my mind when I think of her, I recall it being really intense and depressing but that was so long ago and I always mean to rent/buy it but I never remember. I know she was in Freaky Friday and Taxi Driver (which I never saw) but I never think of those until I see a list (and sometimes I confuse her movies with Tatum O’Neil (but I think that’s because she was in the Paper Moon movie). I remember reading she was a Macintosh user too…

    Pay attention to the beginning five minutes. When she’s with the husband, when she looks out her daughter’s window and the cab driver. I don’t know if they have any relevance, but I sure wish I had paid more attention to the people in those scenes at the beginning. Like I said maybe there is nothing, but at least you’ll know…

    Written By: Gary on August 20, 2005 One Comment

    So a few weeks ago I noticed I was getting Showtime, I assumed it was a free preview weekend or something so I TiVo’d (taped) a few shows. One of those shows happened to be The Perfect Score, about a group of kids who decide to steal the answers to the SAT, tonight I got around to watching this one. It wasn’t until I was watching it for a few that I realized I had done that post about the SAT gizmo earlier today (duh!).

    So the movie was fun, if you saw the preview it’s pretty much what you’d expect with a few “dream/fantasy” sequences about the planned crime itself. They really ripped on the the whole standardization pigeonholing concept of the whole test and the scoring and how your whole life can be based on this number. The one line that I liked was something like, “They tell us to be individuals our whole life and then stick us all in the same room to take the same test to determine the rest of our lives” (that’s very paraphrased).

    Here’s the Trailer and the Official Web Site. On a side note, I really liked the graphics that they ran the credits over.

    FYI, the Showtime preview lasted a whole week and I got around 10 different Showtime channels. I never did figure out why…

    Another oddity is the parts in the preview that aren’t in (or are different) the movie. The same (if not more so) goes for the stuff on the web site (especially the music video).

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    Written By: Gary on July 24, 2005 3 Comments

    So the SciFi channel started rerunning Firefly and the preview for the Serenity movie (the movie sequel) looks so great I thought I’d try the series again (I think I tried one episode originally and it didn’t take), but I think they (whatever network dropped it) originally ran them out of order. This was part one of the two part pilot (which was never run as the pilot, I’m not even 100% sure it was ever run they actually ran it as the last episode). I really enjoyed it! I think I might pick up the DVD and catch up in higher picture quality and the missing three episodes. And I really don’t need another Friday show; Stargate, Atlantis, Numbers, Monk, and Battlestar Galactica is already more than I watch the rest of the week combined!

    Written By: Gary on July 20, 2005 No Comment

    JamesdoohanJames Doohan died today in his home in Washington at the age of 85. We all knew him as Scotty, the chief engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise on Star Trek. He was the one who always fixed the ship just in time and responded to the communicator call of “Beam me up, Scotty”. His ashes will be launched into space. He did quite a few other different movies and television shows. He always seemed like such a sweet guy on the show and in interviews…

    Written By: Gary on July 10, 2005 No Comment

    TheislandmovieI enjoyed The Island, I liked how the story flowed and fit together; a lot of times in a movie of this type they skip past that whole “plot-thing”. What’s really going on with these characters is akin to finding out the you live in The Matrix. The questions they asked and they way they monitor everyones health and diet were interesting. Now, it was a chase movie so of course those always gets a little unbelievable as they are dodging, jumping, falling etc. A lot gets explained as the movie goes on but there are always a few weird things that don’t get explained (like the weird guns that they use). Ewan and Scarlett played an interesting pair that seem to get a handle on the impossible a little too quickly and Steve Buscemi was great as always (why does he so often play characters with interesting sexual proclivities?). I’ve seen more and more previews give away too much of the movie so if you’ve decided you’re going to see it, then stop watching the previews (opens nationwide on July 22nd).

    On a side note the Arizona scenery was beautiful. And during many of the scenes I kept thinking how much Scarlett Johansson looked liked Jessica Alba.

    Definitely some paid product placement in this movie. I think it would be so much more effective if they just casually showed the product verses pausing the camera on it too long…

    Written By: Gary on July 4, 2005 One Comment

    So this is kinda different you can put yourself (and an optional friend) in the trailer for Wedding Crashers. You upload your photo and they superimpose it on Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, Isla Fisher or Christopher Walken. The move the mouth as it talks and everything. You just need a head shot and it crops out the background and everything. Plus you can save/e-mail it to your friends!

    I’m not saying this is War of the Worlds special effects or anything, but it’s entertaining…

    Written By: Gary on July 2, 2005 2 Comments

    WaroftheworldsaniWow!!! I was highly entertained. I did walk in with low expectations but still it was non-stop action and the effects were incredible!!! The plot was a little a lot thin: bad weekend Dad trying to outrun the destruction to save and bond with his kids at the same time. You can see the trailers at the Quicktime site. There’s an official web site but it’s way too busy (slow) with flash animations to be of any use.

    As I said the effects were incredible. I can’t think of one complaint about them. Mostly non-stop action. And the aliens were very bad aliens (scary/gory for kids, IMHO). I got really confused with Tom’s character I wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be not so smart, street smart or secretly smart; it wasn’t very consistent at all. I love Dakota Fanning but she didn’t have many lines (past the first 10 minutes, no one had many lines). We sat really close too so it was right there in the action.

    Please note: I said it was great entertainment, had great special effects, lots of action and a weak plot. You decide if this makes it a great movie or not…

    Written By: Gary on June 23, 2005 No Comment

    100 movie quotesWhile I may have goofed the wording up, I see that my guess won for first place in the 100 best movie quotes of all time! As Casablanca was my second guess, I would have hoped it would have scored higher (but it did get six of the one-hundred quotes).

    Some of my favorites:

  • I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too…
  • Elementary, my dear Watson.
  • Soylent Green is people!
  • I’ll have what she’s having.
  • Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
  • Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape.
  • All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.
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    Written By: Gary on June 13, 2005 No Comment

    Dakota FanningI just love Dakota Fanning! Here’s a preview for Dreamer with Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, and Elisabeth Shue. And it’s got horses too…

    Written By: Gary on May 22, 2005 4 Comments

    So I really enjoyed the movie. It really tied together a lot of the loose ends. I’m sure there are a lot of unanswered questions still but it probably wraps up most of the questions. We saw it on Friday afternoon and there wasn’t much of a crowd, I guess the die-hard fans all skipped work/school the day before or when the the midnight show the day before.

    It was very violent though. Before I saw it some TV review said the final battle (Obi-wan and the soon-to-be Darth) was really violent (and to take your kids up for popcorn then) but I though the others were more so, especially the implications of the scenes not seen. Anakin has some serious mental health issues, he’d be on some serious meds if he didn’t live so far far away (and a long time ago).

    The special effects were awesome, everything seemed very real. Some of the scenes were way too busy though with all the ships and stars and laser beams floating all around.

    And I know Natalie Portman can act, so why didn’t they let her?!?

    Two minor spoiler: The tiny little globes with the buzz-saws why didn’t they just blow-up instead of sawing. When did R2 get all the extra gizmos and the maneuverability? (Actually the real question is when did he lose it?)

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    Written By: Gary on May 20, 2005 No Comment

    Ask Google, “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?” The answer actually comes via the calculator so you can probably take a guess at the answer. If you don’t understand the question, you won’t get the answer.

    Via Pinkfin.

    Written By: Gary on May 11, 2005 4 Comments

    So I’ve read all five books in the trilogy (yes, I said that right) and was hesitant in seeing the movie. A few people (such as Heather) said it was worth seeing so I went. It was hysterical! You’ve got to remember it’s slightly british humor, it’s not Monty Python or Benny Hill but it’s definitely not American sitcom humor.

    Some of the movie was exactly like the book. His response to the Vogon poetry was exactly how I remembered the wording from the book with the same intonation as I imagined it. His memories of Tricia were a little exaggerated if I recall exactly and some other subplots I don’t really remember or maybe they were exaggerated for the movie. But they needed to make a lot of weird stuff fit in a two hour movie. I enjoyed it. If you liked the books and understand that books are not movies (and thus cannot be represented exactly the same) you will enjoy it too.

    Written By: Gary on April 24, 2005 No Comment

    So I really like Ashton Kutcher when he’s not being goofy Ashton Kutcher, I like it when he’s normal Ashton Kutcher. Amanda Peet and AK were great in this movie. They kept meeting under different circumstances something always from being a couple. It’s interesting how they start in the past and work their way into the present. The soundtrack follows along with the time and very timely in the present they play Anna Nalick (who’s excellent album came out this week). A lot like love is both very sweet and very cute (both the movie and Amanda). So score some points and drag your girlfriend out to the movie or get your boyfriend to take you (it’s not such a chick flick that he’ll spend too much time complaining about it).

    Written By: Gary on March 20, 2005 One Comment

    SwsxThe 2005 SXSW (South by SouthWest) festivals + conferences in Austin, Texas. It’s a ten day Music & Media Conference and a intereactive technology festival and a film conference & festival! Over 1300 musical acts! It’s been happening in some form or another since 1987 growing and adding additional conferences…

    Are you sad you missed it too? Well you can download over 750 songs (in one huge bittorrent) by some of the bands there (full-length high quality mp3s). It’s 2.6 GB so be prepared to leave your computer running for a while (I can’t promise how long this download will be available).

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    Written By: Gary on March 12, 2005 No Comment

    Here’s a preview for the 3rd (6th) Star Wars movie. It’s large, weighing in at 38MB, so don’t try it with dial-up….

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    Written By: Gary on March 10, 2005 2 Comments

    H2G2-IconFinally a real preview! All I’ve seen previously is several teasers. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy actually looks like it could be a good movie. I think it’ll even stay a little true to the books. FYI – The original book had the the same title; the next four books in the Douglas Adams trilogy got stranger and stranger… Check out http://hitchhikersmovie.com/ for more info!

    Update: I just found a link to a different trailer that I hadn’t seen yet…

    Written By: Gary on March 10, 2005 One Comment

    I saw two movie previews today; actually I saw a few more but I’m only going to mention two.

    The Interpreter preview which I’ve seen about a gazillion times but it’s never come out yet. Where Nicole Kidman plays an interpreter at the UN and hears a murder plot (stars Sean Penn). Is this movie actually ever going to come out?

    Written By: Gary on February 20, 2005 No Comment

    ConstantineSo I enjoyed Constantine . They did a pretty good job of moving the story-line from England to the United States. Great special effects. Keanu did a pretty good job with the character. It hard to put such a complex story and backgound into a movie and still explain it to the general public. I was never a huge Hellblazer fan (the John Constantine comic) but I read it on and off. I do recall reading the “Dangerous Habits” story that they stole a few parts from and recognized a few other characters (even with the changes) from other stories. It’s not a typical Keanu Reeves film and if this kind of movie doesn’t interest you then I’m not going to say go see it (because it’s bizarro) but if it does interest you then go see it.

    Written By: Gary on January 27, 2005 No Comment

    AliensofthedeepAliens of the Deep in 3D was great! IMAX movies are always great especially when in 3D. It’s James Cameron doing a Jacques Cousteau type movie thousands of feet down. They’ve got beautiful footage some interesting background details and some occasional special effects. They spend a lot of time talking about how some of this is like exploring other worlds and how some of what they do on the ocean floor would be used in deep space (especially if looking in water for life). A bit of how the extremes of space and the ocean can be very similar. Did I say the 3D looked great?!?

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    Written By: Gary on January 7, 2005 2 Comments

    Startrek.Exp-1So I had an opportunity to go on the Star Trek 4D “experience” today. I made contact with a friend just as I was about to go into the exhibition hall. There are 2 parts: The Borg Invasion and the Klingon Encounter; if you’re a fan at all, spend the $35* and see both. Actually there is a third part included, it’s the (future) history museum. Very cool stuff if you remember some of the details from the movies or some of the significant episodes.

    Back to the two main parts: I’m not going to tell you too much… See Borg first and then the Klingon one. If there is action going on look all around not just in front of you, the cool stuff may be behind you. And you can go on any of the rides as much as you want on the day you buy the ticket for it. I wish I had done the Borg one a second time, there was a lot going on.

    The (blurry) photo is a shot the shows the part of the upstairs (Museum) and downstairs (Quarks). My digital camera isn’t so good with low light.

    *The Jeffs’ had some kind of discount coupon they got south on the strip for 1/2 off, all I know is they got it at the giant coke bottle.

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    Written By: Gary on January 2, 2005 One Comment

    So I just saw Spanglish and Adam Sandler can really act. This is definitely a drama, not a comedy (although I laughed a lot). I had a few edit issues that seemed out of place but there was nothing else to complain about. A lot happened in the two hour movie that probably took place over six(?) months. If you think you’d enjoy it, you probably will. Just remember it’s not a slapstick Adam Sandler movie.

    Spanglish James L. BrooksBut I’m not even writing this to give you the review that you see above, I’m writing this because I like one line that Adam Sandler says. I’m intentionally not quoting it exactly but it was something like “but if that happens then I’ll have to work more and not get to do the stuff I like”. Okay so that makes it sound more selfish when it was really more sappy (but it really wasn’t because I changed the words to not give too much away)t. Here’s the point, it made me think more about my recent post and me not getting to do the things I want to do in life. We’re not even talking about stuff like getting married or having kids, just stuff that I enjoy. I need to figure out a way to do more of that stuff.

    What else is interesting is that one of the storylines is about one of the character’s being ignored. But there is another character that IS ignored so what right does the first character have to complain about? (You’ll see what I mean, ’cause I know you’ll go see this). This will ring a bell once you’ve seen it.

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    Written By: Gary on November 30, 2004 No Comment

    Cellular (New Line Platinum Series) David R. EllisWow what an intense movie! I’m sure you’ve seen the previews: Kimmy gets kidnapped, the ‘nappers smash the phone in the attic, but she taps the wires together and finally dials a number and gets a guy on his cell phone and has to convince him it’s not a crank call. It’s non-stop excitement film and I’m not sure what else I can tell you without giving parts away. A few good one-liners. The first half was all suspense and the second was all action… William H. Macy, who is always great, is in it and you’ll recognize a bunch of other faces.

    Written By: Gary on November 26, 2004 No Comment

    NationaltreasureSo on a whim I went to see National Treasure tonight. It had the potential to be not so good, so I was a little ambivalent about it.

    It was excellent! DaVinci Code meets Indiana Jones with a little Jerry Bruckheimer thrown in for some chase scenes. His sidekick (Justin Bartha) was fun and Diane Kruger was great (and while I thought she was familiar she’s relatively new to the US movie scene).

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    Written By: Gary on November 24, 2004 No Comment

    112304_CompleteU2The Complete U2 is only available from the Apple iTunes store. It includes every album they’ve ever done, 40 unreleased tracks and a digital booklet. As far as I can tell it’s 446 songs for only $149.99 (you get $50 off if you bought the U2 iPod).

    Now while that’s only 35 cents a song, you have to consider anyone who wants to buy it probably owns a good chunk of the albums already so it’s really costing more than that to get the new songs… If you were U2-geeky enough to get the U2 iPod an extra $100 is probably a no brainer…

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