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Generally this will probably be a complaint, but sometimes it’ll be a complement..

Written By: Gary on May 12, 2005 One Comment

“The biggest problem with incompetent people is that they don’t know that they are incompetent.” I don’t know if Sarah got that from somewhere, made it up or she paraphrased it, but it’s so true. I had to deal with several customer service people today (me being the customer) and I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

I just wanted them to listen. And if you can’t listen, at least wait until I finish the question before you jump in with an answer that clearly indicates that you didn’t listen.

For example: I’m supposed to call the pharmacist tomorrow at noon to see if they could get my non-generic prescription (if they can’t I’m happy with the generic, that’s just how it was written). Now they just called me to tell me this, even though they assured me this while I was there (so I guess I actually could have gotten it while I was there). So for fifteen minutes I’m on the phone with them (they called me) and all I want to know is if they have the generic if the other doesn’t come in. They swear they have it, but I should call at noon to see if they received the non-generic. Why? Either way I’m getting something when I go there after work. So I wasted a more than few minutes trying to get them to explain why. As far as I can tell it was just so I’m not disappointed later…

Why would I want to be disappointed sooner?!?

That’s fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back…

Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 One Comment

So I went to Target (a department store) today to pick up a few things and to get a price adjustment (the price went down since I bought it and I wanted the savings back). They were fluorescent light bulbs (the ones you screw into a regular bulb socket) that had 3 in a pack that I bought a few for $8.88. The next week they were $6.21 (not worth taking them back), but this week they were on clearance for $2.21, now that was worth taking stuff back. Now they always have odd return rules that change so I brought a few packages of the bulbs with me (but I left them in the car). Of course they said price adjustments are only good for 14 days, so you need the item with you (and what they do is return it and you immediately re-buy it). I only had two packages (but I had bought three) so I tried to sweet talk them into letting me do all three but no luck (but I got $16 for the two, that’s more than I spent today), they said I’d have to return it later (later just means get back in line) but the line had grown. Maybe next week when I go back for something else (I’ll get another $6 then).

BTW, Easter stuff is 90% off, so I got some Cadbury Creme Eggs for five cents each!!!

Written By: Gary on September 18, 2004 One Comment

I was nervous asking the question (any question), but it was the only way to find out. “Do you still have the that deluxe chicken sandwich,” I asked the BK lady. She named it without hesitation and said they had it, so my earlier fears were gone and my guard was down. So I said I’ll have that here in a meal (which they always try to force on you anyways) with no mayonnaise and onion rings instead of fries. So we did a few rounds of you wanted a large soda, right?, no, the regular meal, you said to go?, no it’s for here. And I reverify with “regular size, onion rings and no mayo”.

bk“That’ll be $10.79, is that to go?” It’s for here but that seems a little expensive, (blank stare), “that seems a little expensive for the meal.” Oh! She pulls out the receipt and explains to me she void it later and have to re-ring it. I think she wanted me to agree to this because there was a big pause before she actually did this. We did our little dance, but shorter this time. After she prints the receipt (which they don’t give you so you can double-check your order) I say “no mayo”, and get back “huh?”, “no mayonnaise on that” I repeat, which she says sure and yells it back (since she didn’t get it on the third try).

So I get my soda/napkins/straw and some other people get in line, so I go wash my hands, they’re still ordering (two ladies for themselves and two kids who are sitting down). So I stand there and wait, I can see the receipt (no mention of mayo) and it says “fries” so as she takes a break from their order (yes, they are still trying to order) she grabs my tray and sandwich and I say three times, “don’t forget I want onion rings” (I’m getting no acknowledgment, which is why I’m repeating). As she hands me my tray (with fries) I say “I wanted onion rings”. “But I rang up fries” she says, and she says this a few more times as I very politely keep repeating I want (and also that I ordered onion rings). When what I really want to say is, “what did you put down on my first two meal orders…?” She was really hung up on this, I’m not sure why, she knows darn well I ordered the rings, but she’s really concerned that she might get fired (or something) for giving me what I ordered. (That’s the least of the reasons they are going to fire her.)

PS – My sandwich was delicious!!! :)

FYI – They actually still have the nerve to own Have It Your Way dot com.

Did I mention that there is road construction out front? I’m the only person in line. No one waiting and very very few cars in the drive thru. The slowest day I’ve ever seen there, i.e. no distractions or chaos…

And (generally hyper) me? I’m totally relaxed and in no hurry (fortunately), I didn’t even drive up there since it was a nice sunny afternoon.

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Written By: Gary on July 28, 2004 No Comment

The hired help here is pretty useless many times. The biggest problem is they don’t know how to say "I don’t know" and just make up an answer so if it’s an important question be sure to get (at least) two confirming answers. For example:

1) When you see a train arriving (on the wrong track) and you ask the guy at the ticket counter where it’s going and he tells you there is no train. Don’t argue with him for more than 88 seconds that there really is a train, just go down and check for yourself. That 2 seconds might be what you need so you don’t have to wait another 30 minutes for the next train (trust me).

2) When you ask the waitress what the "Scampi and Chips" is and she says it’s chips with scampi don’t bother asking any more. But if you feel the need and all she clarifies with is that chips are (french) fries (which anyone who’s been in London more than 15 minutes knows, i.e. fish and chips) with scampi. So you feel the need to clarify more and she tells you scampi is beef don’t think it’s a chips=fries thing, think it’s a she’s clueless thing. (I saw this one happen)

FYI – prawns=shrimp and tiger prawns=jumbo shrimp. When you order water (unless you want bottled) order tap water, it’s yummy and free. They don’t keep anything cold so be sure to get ice.

Also the less busy a store/restaurant is and the more staff they have, the lower the quality of service. :)

I’m not saying we didn’t have fun, I’m just saying it wasn’t had to find bad service.

Raya was awsome! (Pronounced Ria) She worked at the same place as #2. She answered all of our questions we asked about food, the restaurant, the register surveillance system (which she never noticed before), acting school and told us that M is for music.

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