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Board games, computer games, etc. I was blogging about games enough that I felt it needed a category.

Written By: Gary on February 6, 2004 One Comment

Actually I haven’t played Scrabble in a while. If you like Scrabble and you have a Palm (or PocketPC) handheld they make an excellent version that you can play against the computer or others.

But I digress. The reason for tonight’s post is that I saw this on Heather’s Blog and had to do it myself… Especially since mine is bigger than Heather’s.

Pholph’s Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 32.
What is your score? Get it here.
Written By: Gary on January 3, 2004 One Comment

Have you seen Scene It? It’s a great new game that you play on a board and on the TV (with a DVD player). It asks a bunch of trivial questions about movies, but about a third of them are on the TV. I’ve played this with several groups of friends and it’s been a hit every time. There is a short and long version of the game (you fold the board in half!) and they make a junior edition too. It’s fun, you get to shout out answers and it really gets everyone interested…

Some show you a scene and ask a question (different questions for the same scene), put these movies in order, figure out the puzzle as the pieces appear, guess the actor from the HS photo, invisibles where they remove the people and you guess the movie, pictogram , fill in the blank and more…. Some are all plays so anyone can answer your question. They make a Junior version of the game too.

Check this out when you get a chance. There is a more interactive demo if you have flash.

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Written By: Gary on January 1, 2004 No Comment

It’s the start of a New Year! My friends have headed out and it’s time for the first entry of the new year! :) 2004flag It’s been a great day (no crisises have occured, at least nothing nationwide), great friends, great pizza and I love those new Seagram’s Twisters! We played games: Dominoes and Scene It? (excellent DVD/board game that’s due for an entry soon). I’m off to sleep in the new year…

Written By: Gary on December 30, 2003 No Comment

Dominoes is great! It’s a simple strategy game that can be learned quickly. Did you know that Dominoes is an actual game and you can play many different games with just one set of pieces? It’s sort of like cards with lots of different games; sometimes different variations of the same game. So can you guess what I was playing this evening?Dominoes

Dominoes is the best kept secret, I know few who play but many of them like to play often. Dominoes started in the 1100’s. It’s easy, it’s fun and people realy like it. It’s sort of like playing cards.

It’s easy to get started with a set for $10 or less set of Double 9s, which means each side of the dominoes goes from 0-9 (it’s easiest to play with the colored dots). Try it, you’ll like it…

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