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A very popular piece of blogging software, I used it for years, but then switched (to WP). I miss it sometimes, the original learning curve is a a lot higher, but once you’re in it, I still think you can do a few more advanced things a little easier.

Written By: Gary on May 30, 2004 No Comment
1. Why do you read other blogs? Is it voyeurism? Curiosity? Are you just being nosy?
Hell yeah! It’s interesting. Sometimes it’s like “what will they post this week?” and “don’t they realize their kids’ll read this some day?!?”. And sometime’s it’s to keep up with friends or technical information.
2. What is it that keeps you coming back to the blogs you read, regularly?
Sometimes to fine out the next chapter of their “soap opera”, or the next quiz, or goofy thing their kid did. Sometimes I read it just because I stopped by for a meme…
3. Do you leave a comment on every blog you read? If not – what is it that motivates you to click the “Comments” link?
No, should I? I usually only speak up if I have something to say. I agree, disagree, know the “right” answer, etc. Sometimes it’s just a friendly I remember how that feels, it’ll better, etc. And I’ll comment (or trackback) when i do their quiz/meme/etc.
4. Speaking of other blogs you read regularly . . you know the protocol by now – list’em!
Didn’t we just do this last week? I would update, but I blew out my bookmarks this week, so I’m back to last weeks (thank God for backups!) bookmarks. Oh, I’ve added one I remember… But it hasn’t been updated much since I found it drunkenbee, and I always check out the Movable Type start page since they list recently updated MT blogs.

From RE: Blogs

Written By: Gary on May 23, 2004 No Comment
1. Blog confession time: Is there a topic that you shy away from on purpose on your blog? What is that topic, and why?
I barely ever complain, so that keeps me out of trouble but that’s a topic as much as a concept. Dating is something I avoid, I’d probably mention holidays or something in regards to it but just generally talking about dating I’d avoid. Because if I blog less or more it’s sure to mean something that I didn’t intend and I don’t want people comparing notes (that I supply)…
2. Define your blog to the world – in six words.
Nice, fun, happy, non–politcal, geek-ish, thoughtful…
3. Repeat question from RE: Blogs 1: What is current, most favorite blog tool?
Ecto is a great blogging client for the desktop for OS X, be sure to check it out (I thin ikthey just did a windows version). Also, I just added PHP to my Movable Type system, that was a breeze and helps me do a few things more efficiently…
4. RE:Blogs that have captured your attention – – no number limit here – – hand out some link luvin’s from your blog to theirs
  • Here In Katie’s Head I get to read about a semi-normal person through their on-line diary.
  • Heather thinks Rambling is Good for the Soul and she’s been a friend for a ling time, it’s interesting to keep in touch without direct communication.
  • Sarah is definitely a SassyPants I don’t know where I found her but I like my daily dose.
  • I just got Dawn hooked on blogging so she’s been a must read lately.
  • Melissa is Anything but Ordinary and posts a good read too.
  • I’ve been using The Daily Meme and Lost (and Found) Memes lately when looking for things to blog about, they’ve made it easier which means I do it more. Not sure if that’s a good thing. (Shameless plug)
  • This Fish Needs a Bicycle even has an application on-line.
  • This is taking forever to do this part… I’ve either got the above memorized or I was playing with a RSS feed beta in Yahoo! so I had the addresses on hand. I’ll have to elaborate on these and others more later…
  • Written By: Gary on May 17, 2004 No Comment

    Go listen to a great interview with Ben and Mena from Six Apart (Movable Type). ben and mena trottThey have an interview with Doug Kayeat at IT Conversations. It’s very enlightening since it took place before last Thursday. Anyone who thinks they backpedaled after their announcement would be wrong (maybe a tiny bit right, but not much), they pretty much say it all here (a week or two before). Listen to the recording (it’s 39 minutes) you need to hear it, not read it. They say how they (the company) are changing, what people aren’t going to like and what the changes are and all sorts of interesting things. I think I like them even more now…

    IT Conversations is a great web site. Lots of interesting interviews and conversations.

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    Written By: Gary on May 17, 2004 No Comment
    1. Have you made lasting friendships via your blog that grew into a ‘real life’ friendship?
    No, but I’m feeling like I’m getting to know some of the other people better. Which is kinda silly, I know details, but I don’t really know them. I hope someone organizes a Michigan Blogger Happy Hour (Detroit) or something to meet some of these people.
    2. How many of your offline conversations with friends, family, co-workers contain the words, “I blogged about that the other day….”?
    Generally never. I don’t usually mention it unless someone asks. I talk about the web and bloggers but I don’t generally mention it’s me. Anyone who finds it (or whatever) is fine, but I don’t advertise… Not sure exactly why. Probably ’cause I don’t think they’ll “get it” and by the time they ask they’ll understand better?
    3. Regarding blog templates – have you made any cool updates to your digs?
    Just yesterday. I did a lunar theme and it should change automatically as the moon phase does.
    4. Have any blogs given you inspiration this week – – good, bad or ugly?
    All the complaining about Movable Type just made me think about UseNet/NetNews and the whining that always went on there. Asking a few questions, reading all the information really would have gone a long way. It was more a dis-inspiration. All the blogging about the torturing and beheding has pretty much had some bad karma too. I’ve actually had a good week reading, it’s just been tainted by some of the stuff. Actually Katie has been pretty geeked about her new apartment which has been a nice read and has put a smile on since she’s SO happy about it…

    From RE: Blogs

    Written By: Gary on May 16, 2004 No Comment

    It’s a little later since my earlier MT posts (one and two) and people have calmed down a bit about MovableType’s new pricing structure. Which for individual personal use really isn’t that different than the previous versions. I like that some of the big names in MT blogging feel the same way as I do/did. (Of course I didn’t list the few big names that disagreed with me.)

  • BradChoate
  • Kotte
  • Jay Allen

    Here’s the problem. It might be enough of a fiasco to have really hurt the company. If for no other reason that bloggers heard about all the alternatives; some of the less expensive (free) alternatives. I’ve been a little blinded from the beginning in loving MT so much I wasn’t exploring all the alternatives but I’m happy with it, so why switch?

    Related sidebar: Every year they release a new model of my car, new features, better gas mileage and they all have that new car smell; but I’m still driving my 2000. Actually I bought my car because I didn’t like a “feature” of the new model so I ran around trying to find a 2.661 version (I mean 2000) model of the same car…

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    Written By: Gary on May 15, 2004 2 Comments

    This is a bit of a followup to my earlier entry on the new pricing scheme at MT (which could have be subtitled “whiners begone”). Read Melissa’s post, she made it pretty understandable when she summarized up Mena’s followup post (which clarified a few things and even retroactively removed a thing or two from the EULA). I’m sure they lost some business, there were too many upset people yesterday.

      Highlights of the update

    • Some of their choices were made due to results of a survey (which I failed to answer). If you combine two or three blogs into one (and they aren’t used sepratly) it only counts as one.
    • The dual processor rule should not have been in the EULA.
    • You are not required to upgrade to 3.0 and you only have to obey the liscence as to when you agreed to it.
    • You can add individual author/logs to the personal license for $10.
    • Old archived blogs don’t count.

    Mena says: “Furthermore, it is not our intention to stiffle the creativity of our users. So, if you have a great weblog that uses 11 weblogs seamlessly to appear as one site or weblog, you should not be penalized.”

    I feel bad, I bet Mena and Company lost some sleep yesterday (or maybe they keep a bar at the office).

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    Written By: Gary on May 13, 2004 4 Comments

    MovableType released their new version of blogging software and just about everyone has gone through the roof. They’ve got a new pricing scheme and guess what? It’s not free any more. And everyone is whining. The software has only been out for a few hours, it’s not like everyone is desperate for an upgrade. Many folks seem like they are going to jump ship immediately?!? The biggest feature seems to be the registration for comments which not many people seem interested in.

    My favorite whine is: “it doesn’t have that many more features and it costs too much”, well, keep using the version you’ve got then.

    I probably won’t upgrade unless it’s got some great feature in it. But I don’t rush out and buy the latest version of anything the day it comes out either… I might switch over to a different product and I might rave about it when I do, but I don’t think I’ll whine about MovableType when I do (especially if the only thing they screw up about it is the price/marketing).

    I love MovableType, it’s the only blogging software I’ve tried but it seems that’s what all the cool kids (i.e. smart) are using. I mean I really like it, it’s great. I have see a few other things but they seemed a little more complicated but I may peek into it some more. It’s fun from a programming standpoint, it’s flexible and I really have been having a lot fun with it.

    I gotta ask again. “What’s wrong with your current 2.661 version of Movable Type that would make you migrate to another piece of software?” I haven’t noticed anyone complaining that 3.0 has (crucial) features they want and can’t afford.

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    Written By: Gary on April 22, 2004 No Comment
    1. A geek– Hey, who handles tech support at your place? You? …the six year old? …or someone from outside? …and how about in your web space? No, we’re not looking for techs; we’re just curious . I’m it in my family, I do all my own web space (including my own Movable Type installation stuff). I’m the house that relatives call/visit when upgrading stereo or computer equipment.
    2. in the– computer? Just a curiosity for the designer types: what Operating System are you running? …and which browser? Since sites can show up differently in different browsers it’s more than a casual question. Macintosh OS X mainly (sometimes Windows, sometimes Linux). Mostly using Safari.
    3. Family– Do any family members read your place? Do they care? Do they have a clue? …and how about your ‘off line’ friends? …or do you supply a little bit of separation there? My mom stumbled upon it when visiting a relative, they decided to send me mail (and found my ‘blog). She didn’t say much about it, I have no idea if her and/or other relatives read it. I don’t mention it to friends generally. If they find it they find it… I usually don’t complain and I always avoid talking about dating so how much trouble can I get into?!?

    From Thursday Threesome

    Written By: Gary on April 22, 2004 No Comment

    So I just did a demo of Movable Type for the technology coordinators in our county (Wayne, Michigan). It was focused around the ways that I use it for school (work) for to help our staff. It’s at http://techliterate.net/ if you are interested, there are three categories (Tech Help, Tech Tips and Reference Information). You’ll notice the Tech Support and the Tech Tips are cross-referenced together in the right-hand column (I love how great Movable Type is!). It’s a (very) boring background, but it’s consistent and the colors change as you go from area to area (and it I think it looks mostly the same in all browsers). My point of this isn’t so much the demo as that Movable Type is great software.

    And of course I had to mention how crazy I thought friends (i.e. Heather) were when they first mentioned it to me. And now, here I am looking for a 12 step program to help me…

    Written By: Gary on April 6, 2004 No Comment
    1. What are the last two movies you saw? Butterfly Effect (excellent!). Paycheck (pretty good).
    2. What are the last two TV shows you saw? Keen Eddie (always fun). West Wing rerun (always good).
    3. What are the last two items you purchased? A computer projector to use as a TV (still debating if I like it). Some new tennis shoes.
    4. What are the last two beverages you drank? Water and OJ.
    5. What are the last two sites you surfed (before coming here)? Heck, I don’t know I went to the Movable Type page and was checking out the new posts somehow found a link to the TT…

    From Tuesday Twosome.

    Written By: Gary on January 9, 2004 No Comment

    Remember when I mentioned Kung-Log a while back? Well, now the first public beta of Ecto is out.

    Us poor Mac people don’t even have the formatting toolbar when editing our Movable Type. But now we (and other brand bloggers) have this excellent editor for OS X! Create thumbnails, edit different blogs, easily use categories, post drafts, customize your own HTML commands, save drafts on the hard drive (if not on-line) and edit (yes, I said edit) previous posts and it has a spell check. It’s really great if you like to blog. It’ll even use your CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to show you the previews!

    Written By: Gary on January 8, 2004 One Comment

    I cannot believe it’s the almost the end of the week already! It’s been a busy week I’m getting closer to being done with the ‘Help/Support Blog’ at work. I love Movable Type! I want to do everything in it.

    A year from now I’m going to be at the CES show in Las Vegas! I never got around to making arrangements this year, but next year it’s a must! I saw Leo on TV today giving his report on the new toys that are going to be out soon.

    Don’t forget a new episode of Joan of Arcadia is on tomorrow. And the season premier of Stargate-SG1.

    Only one more day for Heather on her big exams (GOEs). Seven questions over 4 days (1/2 day for 6, all day for one)!

    It’ll be the weekend soon and I can be outside during the day! It’s dark out all the time and I’m tired of it.

    Written By: Gary on January 5, 2004 No Comment

    I’m addicted to blog! (To be hummed to the rhythm of Robert Palmer’s tune.)

    Then: So I thought Heather was crazy (crazier) when she told me about this Movable Type software she was using for her blog. I mean there are about 80 jillion ways she could be keeping this diary(?) on-line, why Movable Type? I had even seen it before and thought it was interesting, but still… I’m the guy who still hardcodes his own HTML and I just didn’t get it.

    Now: It’s like wow! I’m not even talking about the software just the posting is kinda cool. It’s like therapy without having to make the appointment. I don’t know if anyone is reading but it’s not like your shrink is really listening anyways…

    Okay, back to Movable Type: This is very cool software at a nice price. It kinda violates what web servers were originally supposed to do: serve documents with out altering (parsing) them. MT just parses and parses and if you loop it right, it parses it again. Actually it does all the parsing beforehand, but it’s really hard to tell. But that’s all fine because what it does is do exactly what the web was originally supposed to do (actually what the pages were supposed to do). Wait, I’m not contradicting myself (yet), there’s a big difference between the web and web servers and web pages.

    Part of what web pages were supposed to do is provide text, emphasize different blocks of text (headings, bold and italics) and link pages together. This was so that you could use any kind of browser and it could show you how you want to see the text. (I’m doing most of this from memory, it’s a blog not a research paper.) This also helped to make the pages accessible to the blind (flashing graphics with text dancing around generally cannot be read aloud to the blind by the computer). I was always surprised there wasn’t a web browser that didn’t show you just the headings any then you clicked on it to get the content below it; one reason is probably that people never format text the way it was intended so it wouldn’t work very well. (Did you know the guy who designed(?) the web, it’s a shame I can’t think of his name, just got Knighted?) But now we have different kinds of syndication (xml, rss, etc.) which does (almost) exactly the same thing, MT almost forces you to create your pages this way. Actually the less you know about programming the more likely you are to create good formatted pages. It’s amazing.

    Why don’t I post more: Besides having the time? When I have the time – Half the time I can’t decide what to post. The other half of the time I’m playing around with it from the geekier side, it reminds me of the good old days on Unix working with Lex and Yacc. Wow, talk about full circle, I’m back to using Linux (Unix) and parsing text…

    PS – Thanks Heather!

    Written By: Gary on December 24, 2003 No Comment

    There seems to be some issues with editing Movable Type posts on a Macintosh, it doesn’t show you the formatting tools (bold, italics, underline, links). Well even if it did, you’d still want this software tool, it’s called Ecto (formerly Kung-Log) (for OS X) and it lets you do all that and more. Create thumbnails, different blogs, categoris, post drafts, customize your own HTML commands, save drafts on the hard drive (if not on-line) and edit (yes, I said edit) previous posts and it has a spell check.

    This version requires MacOS 10.2 or higher and either a MovableType installation of version 2.6 or higher, Nucleus 1.55 or higher, or any weblog system supporting the MovableType, MetaWeblog and/or Blogger API.

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