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Yes I will be interested . You can call me at 347-456-5166 or email me at Thank you

Comment on It’s a scooter? It’s a motorcycle? It’s a Diamo Velux! by Chuck Wed, 17 Jun 2015 20:18:19 +0000

Hello,I have got in my possesion a 2006 diamo velux and used ,but at 1500 miles the midi box went bad and it was not driven for a few yrs with two mice nest in front faing abd trunk and old gas ,so cleaned carb 3 times and finally got it going good besides the junk electric choke not working and then the seal for tires were a problem but had the filler hose problem so bad it leaked fumes so i put in a rubber plug thats adjustable to expand or is it easy to get the recalled hose and cap?because i need them still.but with the battery problem you have to put a wood shim under kickstand on all bikes to not ground out wipers are not moving again but motor works ,so i guess it needs a quick access to lower front to keep up with repais instead of screws and more screws to do anything in timely fashion. Belleville Mich

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I am interested in the study my number 954 400 8799. 95430917084

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Interesting to hear how you use your Kindle. Hope to see you at the Kindle meetup later this month!

Comment on My New Tempurpedic Bed by Bed bug survivor Mon, 29 Dec 2014 06:37:59 +0000

Oh my where to start. I bought a temper contour back in oct 2012, placed over a good old fashion regular yellow foam mattress then box spring as I can’t just put a TC on a box spring as box springs has wholes in them. Which was fine for a while. Then I had to deal with bed bugs infestation non sense through local housing. Local housing had to give my three bed objects a good hot steaming treatment to kill the bugs and eggs on the spot and spraying my base boards resulting in the foam material to shrink. So now I realize, because of all this, I have a sore back to deal with now. Yet I can’t even afford to buy a new bed or move out or even sell my stuff. I’m in debt by $4450.00 while living in poverty. I’m at the point where I’m not even sure if I should compensate local housing for a new bed it if its even possible. If its not one thing its another

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Sign me up

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Sign me up im 26 and im interested
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Comment on My New Tempurpedic Bed by Laura Sat, 22 Nov 2014 03:07:30 +0000

We bought a tempur mattress 2 years ago, before this point we had tried several different mattreses types, pillow tops, foam tops, latex tops but nothing has given us a better nights sleep than the Tempur. Sure we hated it for the first three or four weeks, our backs ached, we couldnt stand the smell and we were regretting our decision…but after the the initial month we realised that it was because we had been sleeping so wrongly for so long that our bodies were finally resting how they should. As for heat (we live in Australia so it gets hot at night) we havent noticed much difference between this or conventional mattresses…probably because we are fast asleep!

Walk on it, get your kids to walk on it, let it air when it is new to release some of that new smell and be prepared for some body adjustment…we figured if normal mattresses dont work why keep buying them and expecting a different result…Tempur is different and it thankfully works for us.

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U would love to be in this study for I could use the money

Comment on Get Paid $9557 to Sleep! by hi im jamilah and i am interested in a study Thu, 13 Nov 2014 01:20:22 +0000

Sounds like a hard study but it doesn’t sound impossible!

Comment on Are the terms WhiteList and BlackList racist?? by EnemyOfMisinformation Wed, 22 Oct 2014 05:19:44 +0000

@michelle You are a simpleton. Black has historically been equated with bad because it suggests darkness, the unknown, something obscured. White is bright and illuminating, suggesting positivity. What leads you to think that because the term is first documented in the 1600s makes it racist is unclear to me. The plague was first called the black death by Danes and Swedes in the 16th century, when there were no “black” people anywhere near the areas in Iceland they were writing about. Your comments are uninformed and asinine. Ten minutes of research will show you that “blacklist” did not originate from black/white racism. Go read a book instead of fueling the fire and perpetuating anachronistic myths.

Comment on Doctor Who’s “Missy” is at Two Streams medical Facility?!? by Natman Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:05:48 +0000

The gardens are a duplicate of a shill governors mansion in shallanna, maybe this is the actual one?

Comment on My New Tempurpedic Bed by Meredith Sun, 05 Oct 2014 21:31:26 +0000

It seems like the majority of women, especially those who are fit or at a healthy weight have issues with the memory foam beds. We have had ours for a week now and I’ve woken up every day with my arms or legs asleep. My husband loves it, of course. We will be returning it for a pillow-top. :)

Comment on Are the terms WhiteList and BlackList racist?? by michelle Sun, 21 Sep 2014 22:42:52 +0000

For starters if the word blacklist comes from the 1600’s then yes it’s very racist. Secondly, for many year as well as present day pretty much everything with word black all means something in a negative ie: blackball, black male, black market. Everything with the word white means nice, clean pure.

This country is very racist and extremely negative towards other races besides white. Its very ridiculous and ignorant to whomever thinks that their race is better. NO ONE on this earth is perfect or better.

Comment on Get Paid $9557 to Sleep! by branden rose Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:14:59 +0000

Im interested in the sleep study and. Would like to sign up asap.

Comment on Doctor Who’s “Missy” is at Two Streams medical Facility?!? by Kazza the Blank One Thu, 11 Sep 2014 22:48:34 +0000

Happy birthday!

Comment on Are the terms WhiteList and BlackList racist?? by B Mon, 08 Sep 2014 18:43:13 +0000

The history of blacklist is closely connected with the expression in one’s black books. It’s probable first use was in the reign of Charles II, with reference to a list of persons implicated in the trial and execution of his father, Charles I. On his accession to the throne, he hunted them out, executing 13 and imprisoning many others. Particularly in the 20th century, the principal use has been in relation to management and union affairs. However, wider uses are fairly common, for example, a library might have a blacklist of borrowers who abuse the system. See:

Comment on Are the terms WhiteList and BlackList racist?? by Jason Wed, 03 Sep 2014 00:56:58 +0000

I came here trying to find the origin of the phrase, just in case. Someone here touched on my understanding of the real origin of “white=good, black=bad”, and it is nothing to do with race. I just want to restate differently what was said above… The white=good, black=bad dichotomy is ingrained in the human subconscious. It stems from the time when we had to fear the darkness, when things that we could not see were eager to prey upon us…when the danger of a storm approached, things also grew dark. Dark = danger, which = bad. The sunshine (light, = white) meant safety. That is why we naturally associate black as bad/dangerous, and white as good. It is simply unfortunate that we live in a society where the mere mention of a specific color in almost any context, makes us all cringe for a moment and wonder if we have said something inappropriate. It might make a lot more sense to stop classifying people using colors, so no one has to worry if a color’s name is inappropriate. (idealism, of course.)

Comment on My New Tempurpedic Bed by Gary Tue, 19 Aug 2014 02:00:59 +0000

It’s been TEN years since I got my wonderful Tempurpedic bed:
I still love it. I’ve been traveling the last few days and I really missed my bed, I actually took my favorite pillows with me (non-tempurpedic).

So my bed has started to sag (sort of) a tiny bit in the center; it’s probably more accurate to say it’s sagging less around the edges (probably because I don’t sleep at the edges) than the middle.

I tried to measure how much it was sagging but it didn’t seem like much, I tried rolling a ball on the bed but it was really hard to tell if it was rolling towards the center (I’d say it was but hard to tell). If it’s not significantly sagging, I think what’s happening is that’s it’s becoming easier to compress the mattress in the center, so it’s hard to tell visually but when I’m on it, I can feel it. (The box underneath seems to be fine)

I eventually found a solution to the compressing:
I took a few thick throw rugs, lifted up the mattress and I put the large one on the center (of the support box) and the smaller one in the center of the big rug just to raise the center of the bed up a bit and voila(!) I haven’t thought about the issue in ages!!!

To be clear these are the kind of rugs that look like they are made of coiled (colored) rope and coiled in a circle (oval actually) and are kind of thick. I’d say the two I used are about 4 feet and 3 feet (estimating) at their longest point of the oval. I probably could have used something else, but these were still enough to slide around, it would have been hard to use some old blankets or towels.

Comment on My New Tempurpedic Bed by Deeder Tue, 19 Aug 2014 00:23:53 +0000

gary sounds like the fan boy from Tempurpedic!

Tried them all! Tempurpedic is so hard I don’t know how people can stand it. Tried them all at Sleepys and gave them a real good half hour lay down test and after many hours I did not select that brand. I found them way toooooo hard for my sore skin.

If your a side sleeper, yes you need a firm mattress, but one with a plush top. I’ll be picking cotton the next four years to pay for my mattress, but at least I don’t wake up and feel like someone beat me on my hips and thighs with a hard stick all night.