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Written By: Gary on September 1, 2005 One Comment

Three times a year (by law) you can get a Free Credit Report ; that’s once each from each of the credit report companies (Equifax, Transunion and Experian). They’ve been rolling this out by different parts of the country, today marks the day when now the whole […]

Written By: Gary on February 27, 2005 No Comment

Orson Welles said that or at least according to Sunday Brunch he did.

1) Do you take your lunch hour at work?
Yes, I need that time to get out for a few…
2) What is your favorite place to eat lunch at?
I usually just rotate through the fast food resturants. I probably go to […]

Written By: Gary on September 28, 2004 One Comment

1. How many people have you dated that were not naturalised citizens of your country?
I can only think of three. But I didn’t ask for papers…
2. Have you ever dated someone that was not of your race? How did that work out?
No problems due to that (just the usual problems).

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