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Written By: Gary on September 30, 2007 One Comment

So I finally got around to watching it. I know it’s been sitting there for days but I just didn’t get to it until now. And the bonus is I can probably say anything about the episode without ruining it for anyone since I’m sure everyone else has seen it.

I was […]

Written By: Gary on September 1, 2006 No Comment

So I was watching a re-run of Grey’s Anatomy last night. It’s the one where the wife has the fork stuck in her neck; her and the husband were being adventurous since she has an aneurism and only has weeks/months to live. So they are traveling and doing all the […]

Written By: Gary on May 22, 2005 4 Comments
Written By: Gary on April 25, 2005 One Comment
Written By: Gary on April 5, 2005 No Comment

There’s this baby up in the nursery, he’s brand new.
No one’s neglected him or damaged him yet…
How did we get from there to here?

That’s from Grey’s Anatomy, a great new show. It focuses on a group of four new residents who just started working those horrible 48 hour shifts […]

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