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October 2012

Written By: Gary on October 27, 2012 2 Comments

Last night I got to see the Aerial Angels at the Detroit Institute of Arts. I saw them a year or two ago and I think they were even better the second time around. Last time they were in an open area, while this time they were on the stage in he auditorium and it felt like a real performance. The cast is excellent, a few of them wander around before the show and start interacting with the audience. They give some of the people in the audience a hard time and at first they aren’t even sure it’s the performers or something else, it makes it fun before the show even starts.

The lighting just wasn’t bright enough for many great photos and not only was the lighting dim, the performers were constantly moving. But I got some video, a few photos, and a neat animation; the video is a little long at 4 minutes but it’s got some interesting parts.


She’s balancing on a typewriter. They had this working “bored office” theme going on. I wish I’d gotten a few shots of them at their typewriters (before they started performing).


aerial-angels-IMG_7436.jpg   aerial-angels-IMG_7427.jpg

This scene was probably the best lit for me, so you get a few of this one.

And an animation.

Some juggling too!


Not sure what to call this, sort of a trapeze, but without the bar.

Here’s a video (direct link) with a little bit of everything.

It was great. I’d see them again for sure! They have a web site at www.AngelsInTheAir.com but the schedule doesn’t really seem to be up to date…

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